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INA under the Rehabilitation Code

An Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) can be carried out as a one off report, outlining the current clinical needs of the client, and making recommendations as to how these needs could be met. INA reports are usually requested under the Rehab Code and are therefore generally jointly instructed. However should Case Management be required following an INA, it will be necessary to accept a separate single instruction for the provision of Case Management. In this case, where the INA was completed within six months, there would be no need for a Case Management and Rehabilitation Report to be completed, although a Case Management Plan could be compiled, outlining in more detail the plan of proposed intervention by the Case Manager.

To refer to us for an INA under the Rehabilitation Code please contact the referrals team 01580 752275 or cmreferrals@head-first.org under the text on the page.